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MP3 Player Covers

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 1-2 hours
Supervision: Medium
Group Size: 4-6 per librarian
Mess Factor: Light Mess

These little covers will add style to any personal electronics devices and can help hi-tech teens personalize their gadgets and try out the low- tech craft of hand sewing. These holders can be adapted to fit many hand held electronic devises such as cell phones, mp 3 players, or hand-held video games at a fraction of the cost of holders that are sold at the mall. You may want to include this project in your Teen-Tech Week programming, to highlight audio program or video game tournaments. Your teens will find these holders so easy to make and so inexpensive they can make several. These would also make creative gifts for friends and family.


Supplies & Tools:
assorted needles
strong thread such as quilting tread or embroidery floss
2 yard sticks
4 tape measures
pen or pencil for marking
fabric glue or hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

Fabric scraps (recycled jeans & t-shirts) works well
¼ inch elastic
small embellishments (beads, ribbon, etc.)

Room Requirements: A large table to the side to use as a cutting station (at least a 6’), extra waste baskets, smaller side table for fabric, a small side table for a hot glue station, if you plan to use your hot glue gun.


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