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Prep Work:

When informing your teens of the project ask them to bring in their personal electronics that they want make covers for.

If your fabric is large you will want cut it into more manageable squares about 14” x 14”.

Getting your area ready:

Your 6’ side table should allow for two cutting stations. Each station should be equipped with a yardstick, measuring tape, scissors, and something to mark with (you may want to provide two different marking instruments, one to show up on dark fabrics, and one for light).

Lay out fabric scraps and other materials on a side table. You may want to sort them by heavier fabrics for exteriors and lighter-weight fabrics for linings. Each participant should have scissors, pen or pencil, ruler, thimble and needles set out at their space on the worktable. Set out assorted threads, elastic, embellishments and glue in middle of table.

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